Thursday, July 8, 2010

An evening to remember

The other night, I was working late. I was a little bummed out, since Mr. S. and I had an argument that morning and I was expecting a few hours of housework when I got home.

Instead, the house was spotless. There were candles everywhere. A lace nightie and matching panties were laid out on the bed. And he was nowhere to be found.

The surprise made me smile, but where was he? As I stood there, assessing the situation, I figured I had an opportunity to create a surprise of my own. I slipped on the lingerie, got out my favorite vibrator, and began pleasuring myself on the bed. Sure enough, a few moments later I heard him walking back upstairs from his office. His voice then, whispering my name in a question first softly, then in a more playful tone.

He found me splayed out on pillows, legs spread, eyes closed, nearly orgasmic. The growl he emitted as he pounced onto the bed was all the reinforcement I needed.

If I wrote the play-by-play for the next four hours, it'd take at least six blog posts. My man has never been so attentive... or so well-rewarded for his efforts. But I will say this: surprising your partner? Always a good idea. An hours of nonstop bliss and lust sort of good idea.

Today my nipples ache from friction and it's a little hard to walk straight, but I've got quite a smile on my face. And a few good ideas for tonight.