Monday, December 7, 2009

santa stopped by early...

And he brought me a bag full of toys! In the last week, I've received a vibrator through edenfantasys, a vibrating cock ring, three porn DVDs, and a bottle of deep throat gel. Mr. S. and I had a very naughty night.... and an even naughtier early morning, too.

We had some late night adventures with the new vibrator, including a long, steamy shower. Reader, I cannot tell you how much more fun toys are when you "have to" test them out in every which way. We had a great time experimenting. For the purpose of SCIENCE, naturally. It was a blast. I'm so thrilled that edenfantasys invited me to test products for them. If you haven't looked into it, you should.

Even without product testing, though, I just love getting new toys. Even when they're just reincarnations of things we already have: vibrators, lubes, porn. This was our first vibrating cock ring, though. It was fun, but not anything earth-shattering. I thought cock rings were supposed to delay orgasm, but Mr. S. came faster than usual. That might've had something to do with all the foreplay. We were watching one of the DVDs together while he rubbed my ass and thighs. The more aroused he got, the more aggressive he got. Eventually he was fingering me and squeezing my ass, nibbling at my shoulder while the girls on screen screamed. He slid the cock ring on and fucked me hard from behind while we continued to watch. Because of the position, the ring's clit nub was upside down and grinding against my bottom while he fucked me. Hopefully tonight we can try it right-side up.

So, my toy collection now consists of a variety of vibrators, a cock ring, a feather tickler, honeydust, porn, and a few lubes and gels. What do you recommend we try next? The holiday season isn't over yet, y'know.