Friday, July 31, 2009

and for my next wish!

Mr. S. found some free time this morning and came to me on the couch. He peeked over my shoulder at what I was doing and in an authoritative voice said, "Come here."

Five minutes later, we're making out and heavily petting like a couple of teenagers in the back of a car. I led him to the bedroom and we laughed while making out, being silly and lusty all at the same time. He took off my shirt and licked and sucked at my nipples. Reader, I have never understood why, but for whatever reason, I can barely feel anything that happens to my nipples. It's a total turn-on to see him lapping and nibbling, but I can't feel a thing. Before too long he had his hand down my pants, rubbing my pussy and squeezing my ass. That drives me CRAZY--I absolutely love it.

After a few minutes of stroking, him whispering how hard he'd fuck me, me mewling and begging for more, we fucked doggy-style. Instead of lying forward on the bed to bury my face to moan, I arched my back. He actually pulled my hair! I loved it. But I think he wasn't sure if that was okay, because he resumed grip on my hips instead. Well, Mr. S got tired after fucking me frantically, so I got out my favorite vibrator and rubbed my clit while he got hard again watching me. I whimpered about how badly I wanted his cum all over my pussy and he obliged, ramming his cock into me hard without warning.

After we both came, he grabbed my rabbit and plunged it into my cunt while I continued on with my smaller vibe. He was fucking me with it so deep that I could feel it in my abdomen and I had the most intense orgasm I've had in a very long time. The bed was soaked, my hands were soaked, and I could hardly move.

Once I'd caught my breath, I led him to the shower so we could both clean up. Mmf, it was totally worth the wait and definitely our best sex yet. I wonder if he would've even initiated during the day like that before our "no-less" week... seems to me he would've been scared off by my focus on something else. I'm proud of how he took charge and told me what he wanted; I'm even prouder of the hard pounding he gave me.

the saga continues...

Last night was a bust. Mr. S. and I ended up playing a video game and going to bed pretty late. That's a kind of intimacy that we're good at: comraderie. But he didn't make the slightest hint about sex.

This morning, though, he was handsy in the kitchen and I thought for sure he would've dragged me away if he could have. He even complimented my figure and bit my neck quite a bit, grabbed my tits and ass, and gave me a few slow, lingering kisses. Some day, I want to start that way and have him guide me down to my knees, where I can suck him off in the kitchen while he stands there, fingers kneading in my hair.

He could boost me up onto the counter--or better yet, bend me over the kitchen table--and fuck me right in front of the windows for all the neighbors to see or not. Mmf. If he doesn't fuck me soon, I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands. And what is it with me and the kitchen?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ugh! frustration!

So today was Day #2 of our "no-less week," and Mr. Sparks and I were actually granted a good chunk of alone time in the middle of the day. This rarely happens. Part of the deal for "no-less" was that I was not allowed to initiate; that way, he'd never be thinking, "Oh well if she wanted sex, she would've asked."

Reader, I don't mind saying that I definitely could've used a firm cock this afternoon. Starting this blog and reading what others have on theirs has revved my engine quite a bit; I've been hornier the last few days than in a long time. And yet, he did nothing outside of hold my hand and give me chaste kisses. WTF? Is it even possible that he just flat-out wasn't thinking about sex that whole time? I doubt it. It's difficult for me not to assume that he's just not that attracted to me, though he denies it and told me many times today how beautiful I am. If I went and put on some lingerie or started masturbating, would that count as initiating? I think so. Ah well, I'll just have to have some patience. Hopefully it pays off around bedtime...

no-less week: night #1

Last night Mr. S. came into the bedroom where I was lying, took me by the hand, and led me into the bathroom. We showered together, more soapy and loving than sexual, though he did stroke my clit a bit and play with my breasts. The hot water ran out (stupid dishwasher!), so we went back to the bedroom.

He tried to go down on me for the first time. I think I messed it up, because I was a little insecure about the whole thing. I haven't "groomed" in a bit, so for one I'm a little furrier than normal. For another thing, he caught me completely off-guard. But I felt a lot of pressure to make it good for him, as his first attempt at oral, and I crumpled. He did end up trying it, but only for a few minutes before we moved on. What little bit he did do, mmf. Unfortunately, he got a hair in his mouth so I called it quits. (What a turn-off!) We agreed to shave me soon and try again.

All that led to some rather vanilla missionary, followed by the typical vibe/masturbatory session for me. I love that he plays with me while I get off, but he's so quiet it's hard to get into it. Sometimes I wonder if he's bored out of his mind down there...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a no-less week

Even though I frequently insist that I'm nearly always up for sex, my man has a hard time initiating. He feels like he's intruding; he's scared of rejection and, frankly, he just doesn't know what to do to turn me on. Having me be the initiator isn't the solution. I've done it before and it just leads to more problems. So, what's a girl to do?

Tonight I told him I'm having a "no-less week." If he approaches me, he's getting laid. Anytime, anyplace. He says, "that won't work because I'll feel like you're just doing it out of obligation."

I say, "But I'm the one who said "no-less week," so obviously it was my choice from the start."

He says, "oooh."

We'll see how it goes. God, I hope he fucks me in the kitchen.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a not-so-maiden voyage

I've been with my man a little over 4 years and our sex life is, shall we say, tepid? Always has been. After numerous fights, discussions, and experiments, we've determined the root of our problem: sexual expression. Mr. Sparks is less experienced than me and grew up in a household where sexuality was denied, if not demonized. He has a hard time initiating, expressing wants--even being romantic. And after 4 years of what I can only describe as a DROUGHT for me, I've had enough. I'm fighting back. Consider this your walking papers, bedroom boredom. My slutty side is back and she wants everything she has coming to her.