Sunday, August 23, 2009

too tired for sex?

My man and I have had a whirlwind of a week and, excepting Thursday, didn't have a spare moment for sex. I'm talking passed out in the bed at night, dragging ourselves out in the morning to work. I was really hoping to seduce him last night after things settled down, but we had some unexpected company.

Don't you hate when your entire life seems to be conspiring AGAINST you having sex? Granted, if we were more adventurous we could've fucked on our way to an event, had a quickie in the shower, or woken ourselves up just a shade earlier, but we're that tired.

Doesn't really make for good reading, does it? To make matters worse, Aunt Flow has decided to come visit. I'm not against sex during menstruation, but the first few days I feel too crampy and uncomfortable to enjoy it.

I wonder what other women do. Do they push past the initial disinterest, or do they put sex on hold for the week?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a midnight snack

There's something brilliant and devious about sleeping in the nude. It's sexy but practical, intimate and yet novel. It also makes 3 AM romps in the dark a lot easier.

Last night, there were terrific thunderstorms rolling overhead as we slept. This was the kind of storm that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, with thunder so deep you can feel it rattling your chest. Somehow, perhaps an errant thunderclap or lightning a shade too bright, Mr. S and I awoke at the same moment. He searched for me in bed, fingertips walking over the blankets and sheets in the dark. I got a craving; rather than hold his hand, like I would normally, I guided it to my nipple and pressed.

He's never gotten so hard so fast.

Before I could sidle up to him to stroke his cock, he was already between my thighs, forcing them apart and entering me. He pulled me against him by the hips as he fucked me deeper and harder. I wrapped my legs around his waist, fingered my clit, and came. That quickly. While I was still gasping for breath, he came hard and slid down to the bed, each thrust growing softer and smoother. We lay like that for quite a while, preserving the union, until he slid to my side. And then, maybe an hour after we'd woken up, we both drifted back to sleep.

I don't know if all that electricity was from the lightning or the spontaneity, but it was amazing. Needless to say, I woke up refreshed and had a great day.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a little foreplay goes a long way

Tonight, I gave my husband our feather tickler and asked him to run it all over my body. The thing I love most about our tickler is that it has leather tassles on the end that give the yummiest little pops of pain during light spankings. After he'd run it all over my body, I decided that my new favorite is to have it slid across my throat. I took the tickler to him, too. His favorite was the feathers against his testicles. Ten minutes or so into our feather fun, Mr. S. lost it and dove onto my breasts, nipping and lapping at them each in turn. Before I knew it, I was lost in deep kisses and had his cock rammed hard into me.

We fucked in several different positions. (Sidenote: Mr. S. and I are not the "making love" types. It's all lovely, it's all loving, but it's also fucking.) First we tried missionary, which we're not huge fans of. I did the crossover leg trick I read about somewhere and felt like I was going to lose him. I loved when he spread my legs out wide, grabbed my hips, and rammed into me. Eventually, though, we switched over. I got on my knees and he came inside me from behind.

We played with several vibrators at once, including my super-turbo rabbit-thing and my favorite little pocket friend. He fucked me with it and teased my ass while I worked on my clit. I came twice before I melted onto the bed in a puddle of yum. It was awesome. While we were playing with my pussy, I asked him to tell me a fantasy or story. He has a hard time with this... not sure if it's that he isn't creative, or that he doesn't have fantasies, or that he doesn't feel comfortable sharing them. We talked about it a little bit after the fact and I think he's going to try and be a little dirtier next time. We'll see.

The tickler, though, is swinging into full rotation for sure.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a married lady's fantasy

Tomorrow, when I come home from work, I will be exhausted. My body will ache, my mind will be fatigued. I will shuffle up my driveway, heels already in my hand, looking defeated. Oh, but when I open the door...

You'll have taken the day off to clean and the house will look immaculate. No kids. No distractions. You'll take my bag and shoes from my hands, set them in the foyer, and lead me to the master bathroom. There's already a warm bubble bath started, steam setting against the windows. You'll trace warm kisses along the curve of my neck while your hands knead slow circles into my aching shoulders and tense back. Tenderly, you'll draw my clothes off my body. I will sigh and bury my toes in the thick softness of the bath mat before you guide me into the water. It. Will. Be. Delicious.

After I've completely relaxed and shed the tension of my day, you'll take a spongeful of lather and caress my body with it, painting my breasts and stomach and arms in a foamy shade of white. You'll pull my hair down from its imprisoning clip, ease my glasses off my face, and kiss me. Just when I'm ready to melt into the water, you will disappear into the kitchen. After several moments of blessed silence, I'll close my eyes and drift off momentarily.

When I open them? I'll see a flute of champagne and a small plate with one chocolate covered strawberry. When I've revelled in this harmony for long enough (and really, is there such a thing as long enough?), you'll return with a fluffy towel, bathrobe and slippers. You'll guide me from the tub and take the time to dry my flushed skin. You'll kiss me passionately, hungrily.

And then you'll leave for the night so I can read a book and enjoy the silence.

Reader, were you expecting something else? I did say I'm MARRIED.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

review: waterproof turbo glider (blueberry)

I bought my first vibrator when I was still living at home with my parents. I selected it with the help of a woman at a local sex shop who promised me that it came well-recommended. Perhaps I should've gone back to thank her, but I was too busy having fun.

You can read my review at the link above. I just had to come back and post about it because it brought back some very happy (and very naughty) memories. In hindsight, I wonder if this vibrator shaped my sexual appetites today. I am vibe-crazy. I rarely play without one, and even more rarely COME without one. I like strong, hard pulses directly on my clit. I like to ride my toys from orgasm to orgasm, clenching and unclenching my pussy for varying degrees of vibration. For so many years as a single girl, BOB was my consistent sex partner when men would come (and come) and go.

I wonder if life would have been different if my first sex toy had been a glass dildo or nipple clamps...

edenfantasys was my first!

I've taken the plunge into the inviting waters of sex toy reviewing. My first review focused on a tried and true toy from back in my single days, the LAYAspot. Reader, all the down and dirty technical information you ever wanted to know can be found right here. How exciting! My first review! I plan to do a few more before I go courting for assignments, but I do think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Bonus: it's prompted a more in-depth conversation with my man about what toys he'd like to see in the house. I know he's timidly interested in anal play (on his end, no pun intended), but he hasn't really allowed me to take that anywhere. I'd love to get him some beads or something to help him relax a little. I also know he's got some rough play fantasies that toys could help with. Oh, the possibilities. I can feel my halo crumbling as we speak.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have a small collection of vibrators, a feather tickler, some cock rings, and some funky lubes. That's it. Admittedly, the vibes do triple duty as dildos, vibes, *and* ass toys, but still. I've been lusting after the idea of getting a butt plug for a while, but I'm rather sensitive in that region so I'd like to start small. I'd also love to get him some toys, but when we shop he never feels brave enough to make a preference known.

Liberator pieces seem like fun to me, too. Just not sure where I'd fit them. So I thought one of the best things I could do to try some of this stuff without having to spend a fortune would be to test products. I've looked around a bit, but so far haven't had much luck. Perhaps once I've been blogging a bit longer and get deeper into the community, things will crop up. Until then, I'm filling my toy box one sale at a time. ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

life gets in the way

I haven't posted much this past week, as my sex drive has taken a tiny vacation. We had a busy few days, followed by some tummy upsets and stress, a small argument, and a very demanding workload. All of this came together in the FORM OF! no sex.

Last night, after 3-4 days of passing out from exhaustion sans-coitus, we both forced ourselves to stay up just long enough to come. I rubbed a vibrator on my clit while he fucked me from behind and for whatever reason, the lead-up to my orgasm was even more splendid than normal. I was so close to coming when he finished. Fortunately, he kept going long enough to bring me to the edge of orgasm.

It was, however, anticlimactic. It was one of those orgasms that's going to FEEL SO GOO--wait, what happened? Where the build-up is awesome, but then you just can't get to the punchline? Have you ever had an itch you couldn't scratch, because it kept moving? That was this orgasm.

I demand a do-over!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend update

Since Friday night, we haven't had sex once. We did try this afternoon, but we were interrupted several times. It's so hard for us to get back into it once we get distracted. Two or three times we were all but gone, but I made a concerted effort to go back to stroking my man's cock until he came back to me. In the end, though, there was a more pressing issue and we had to stop. I'm hoping we can revisit our fun later tonight.

I tried a new handjob technique that Mr. S really seemed to like. While stroking up and down, I twisted my hand from side to side in a corkscrew motion. Not too light or hard, just enough so he could feel the pressure of my fingers spiralling over his shaft. He moaned much louder than usual, so I think I'm onto something there.

I can't give him really extended handjobs--at least, not without resting my arm. After 3-5 minutes my arm starts to go numb and ache at the same time. I know that can be frustrating for him, but I (greedily) enjoy lying on his chest, stroking his thighs or arms or ass while he strokes himself. He's never sexier than when he's lost in his own pleasure. I don't think he realizes how much that turns me on--probably because I get so into it that all I can seem to do is mewl and writhe around. Sometimes when he jacks himself off he'll ask to cum on me. I'm always up for that, particularly when it involves my bottom or thighs.

I've definitely noticed that he kisses me much more frequently and is a lot more vocal about his attraction to me. That means I've either got sex on his mind more, or he's just finally warming up to the idea of saying it out loud. Either way, it's a great change. I'm sad to see that our official no-less week is almost up, but I think I might extend it indefinitely. Depends what Mr. S has to say about the matter.

My next step is to try to turn him on when we're out of the house at the store, in the car, wherever. I wonder if I'd have to twist his arm to get him to be naughty in a semi-public place...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

friday night special

Last night, Mr. S. and I had a romantic dinner and several bottles of wine, which ended with us back in the bedroom again. A few points: we've had triple the sex this week that we normally do. Also, the sex has been more fun and has resulted in better and more orgasms. By that margin alone, the experiment in a "no-less" week is a success. I asked him yesterday afternoon how it was going for him and brought up that it could be a little more "no-less" if he wanted, and he seemed pretty excited by that.

We're still really heavily vanilla, though, and the routine is the same. We play with him, we play with me, we have sex (usually doggie-style), and then he gets me off with my vibrator(s). Which is not to say we always have time for more, but we certainly did last night.

He teased my ass quite a bit and told me how badly he wants to fuck me there. While I like light tickling and a little bit of rubbing, I'm not entirely sold on the idea of anal. Even just his fingers are uncomfortable and the one time we tried anal, I bled for a week. Even with lube, liquor, and lots of relaxation, it's still tight.

Another "kink" that I suspect he might enjoy is light D/s play. So far, though, it's just been light spankings and calling me a naughty girl. You might wonder at this point what MY kinds are, other than my fascination with being fucked in the kitchen. The truth, reader, is that I don't have many. I tend to get turned on by the turn-ons of the one I'm with. That makes us an interesting combo: one who doesn't feel comfortable exploring his fetishes and one who's dependent on them to have her own.

At any rate, I'm ready to call this experiment a success--and we're only half-way through it!