Saturday, September 12, 2009

the back burner

This is where sex goes at the slightest showing of stress, anger, illness, or distraction in our lives. I took my birth control pill this morning, looked down at the dial, and realized I hadn't had sex in a week. Mind you, we both flew high for a long time off having sex outdoors for the first time, and within plain sight of neighbors (who didn't see), no less. In fact, I'm typing up this reflection from my back patio, where I'm waiting for my husband to reappear any minute. Am I hoping for a repeat? You betcha. On the west side of our privacy fence, this time, is a different set of neighbors who are having a low-key party. We have six logs flaming in the fire pit. I want a sequel!

I feel, though, as if my desires go on the back burner any time something "more important" creeps up. In fact, this morning I received my first shipment from edenfantasys: Kama Sutra's Honeydust. And I'd reaaaaaaaaaally like to be able to review it in the morning. (HINT HINT, MR. S.) He's busy right now, but the very moment he comes out here, I'll do my best to give him the "naughty girl wants a deep-dicking" look and we'll see what he does from there. Ha! Hopefully I'll be able to file a Sunday report that yes, in fact, sex is on the front burner again. Ooh--here he comes! Shh! I wasn't here!

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