Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dessert in bed

Mr. S. and I just purchased Honey Dust online from edenfantasys. Next week can't get here fast enough!

Neither of us is very big on food with sex. I had a bad experience with whipped cream once and he has never expressed interest in helping me to overcome my fears. We were both a bit intrigued by the idea of Honey Dust, though, so I placed the order today. Even if the powder isn't tasty or pretty-smelling, that feather duster might be fun.

My next goal will be to find some tasty treats to use during oral. I do enjoy giving my man a good blowjob, but if I could somehow get his cock to taste like a cherry jolly rancher, I think I'd be going down a lot more often. Ha! The only catch would be the cum shot. Because I can guarantee that cherry-flavored cum is no more fun than the original flavor.

Of course, I could tie all this back to my kitchen fantasy, but somehow pulling foods out of the fridge or going from item to item seems silly to me, if not a little close to a food fight. Mmmm, baby, I'm gonna swirl leftover spaghetti all over your tits. Uh, yeah. We'll stick with dessert.


  1. LOL, spaghetti?!?! I love pasta and tomato sauce, but not with sex. Yuck!

    I'm really wanting some flavored lube, too. Some of the Wet naturals brand lubricants look tasty (strawberry!) and if it's sugar free, it could go on my ladybits, too! Mmm, maybe that'll be my next splurge.

    Good luck with the food endeavors!

  2. Hahaha--how about a sweet gherkin? *eyebrow wiggle*

    Why is dessert considered sexy but non-dessert hilarious? It's a conspiracy!

    Let me know how the sugar-free strawberry goes. ;)