Friday, July 31, 2009

and for my next wish!

Mr. S. found some free time this morning and came to me on the couch. He peeked over my shoulder at what I was doing and in an authoritative voice said, "Come here."

Five minutes later, we're making out and heavily petting like a couple of teenagers in the back of a car. I led him to the bedroom and we laughed while making out, being silly and lusty all at the same time. He took off my shirt and licked and sucked at my nipples. Reader, I have never understood why, but for whatever reason, I can barely feel anything that happens to my nipples. It's a total turn-on to see him lapping and nibbling, but I can't feel a thing. Before too long he had his hand down my pants, rubbing my pussy and squeezing my ass. That drives me CRAZY--I absolutely love it.

After a few minutes of stroking, him whispering how hard he'd fuck me, me mewling and begging for more, we fucked doggy-style. Instead of lying forward on the bed to bury my face to moan, I arched my back. He actually pulled my hair! I loved it. But I think he wasn't sure if that was okay, because he resumed grip on my hips instead. Well, Mr. S got tired after fucking me frantically, so I got out my favorite vibrator and rubbed my clit while he got hard again watching me. I whimpered about how badly I wanted his cum all over my pussy and he obliged, ramming his cock into me hard without warning.

After we both came, he grabbed my rabbit and plunged it into my cunt while I continued on with my smaller vibe. He was fucking me with it so deep that I could feel it in my abdomen and I had the most intense orgasm I've had in a very long time. The bed was soaked, my hands were soaked, and I could hardly move.

Once I'd caught my breath, I led him to the shower so we could both clean up. Mmf, it was totally worth the wait and definitely our best sex yet. I wonder if he would've even initiated during the day like that before our "no-less" week... seems to me he would've been scared off by my focus on something else. I'm proud of how he took charge and told me what he wanted; I'm even prouder of the hard pounding he gave me.

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