Thursday, July 30, 2009

ugh! frustration!

So today was Day #2 of our "no-less week," and Mr. Sparks and I were actually granted a good chunk of alone time in the middle of the day. This rarely happens. Part of the deal for "no-less" was that I was not allowed to initiate; that way, he'd never be thinking, "Oh well if she wanted sex, she would've asked."

Reader, I don't mind saying that I definitely could've used a firm cock this afternoon. Starting this blog and reading what others have on theirs has revved my engine quite a bit; I've been hornier the last few days than in a long time. And yet, he did nothing outside of hold my hand and give me chaste kisses. WTF? Is it even possible that he just flat-out wasn't thinking about sex that whole time? I doubt it. It's difficult for me not to assume that he's just not that attracted to me, though he denies it and told me many times today how beautiful I am. If I went and put on some lingerie or started masturbating, would that count as initiating? I think so. Ah well, I'll just have to have some patience. Hopefully it pays off around bedtime...

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