Thursday, July 30, 2009

no-less week: night #1

Last night Mr. S. came into the bedroom where I was lying, took me by the hand, and led me into the bathroom. We showered together, more soapy and loving than sexual, though he did stroke my clit a bit and play with my breasts. The hot water ran out (stupid dishwasher!), so we went back to the bedroom.

He tried to go down on me for the first time. I think I messed it up, because I was a little insecure about the whole thing. I haven't "groomed" in a bit, so for one I'm a little furrier than normal. For another thing, he caught me completely off-guard. But I felt a lot of pressure to make it good for him, as his first attempt at oral, and I crumpled. He did end up trying it, but only for a few minutes before we moved on. What little bit he did do, mmf. Unfortunately, he got a hair in his mouth so I called it quits. (What a turn-off!) We agreed to shave me soon and try again.

All that led to some rather vanilla missionary, followed by the typical vibe/masturbatory session for me. I love that he plays with me while I get off, but he's so quiet it's hard to get into it. Sometimes I wonder if he's bored out of his mind down there...

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