Sunday, August 23, 2009

too tired for sex?

My man and I have had a whirlwind of a week and, excepting Thursday, didn't have a spare moment for sex. I'm talking passed out in the bed at night, dragging ourselves out in the morning to work. I was really hoping to seduce him last night after things settled down, but we had some unexpected company.

Don't you hate when your entire life seems to be conspiring AGAINST you having sex? Granted, if we were more adventurous we could've fucked on our way to an event, had a quickie in the shower, or woken ourselves up just a shade earlier, but we're that tired.

Doesn't really make for good reading, does it? To make matters worse, Aunt Flow has decided to come visit. I'm not against sex during menstruation, but the first few days I feel too crampy and uncomfortable to enjoy it.

I wonder what other women do. Do they push past the initial disinterest, or do they put sex on hold for the week?


  1. As far as period sex is concerned, it all depends on how horny I feel (separately from my period). I usually don't want to do stuff if I feel crampy and bloated (ugh), but the rest of the time, I'm mostly game. I like more of a sensual warm up, though. And of course, I'm saying all this after not having sex last week during my period. Ha! It's just now fading and I got laid tonight. But I've been going through the same things you've described with being busy, so I totally hear ya. Stay hydrated and read or watch funny things -- that'll chase away the cramps and the blues. Then go get laid! :)

  2. I seem to recall that I used to be super-horny during my periods... I dunno what gives now.

    Ah, well. Maybe it's just the busy factor. Mr. S and I both agreed today that we were cranky because we hadn't gotten laid. (Of course, cranky is a libido-killer, so it's a vicious cycle!)