Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend update

Since Friday night, we haven't had sex once. We did try this afternoon, but we were interrupted several times. It's so hard for us to get back into it once we get distracted. Two or three times we were all but gone, but I made a concerted effort to go back to stroking my man's cock until he came back to me. In the end, though, there was a more pressing issue and we had to stop. I'm hoping we can revisit our fun later tonight.

I tried a new handjob technique that Mr. S really seemed to like. While stroking up and down, I twisted my hand from side to side in a corkscrew motion. Not too light or hard, just enough so he could feel the pressure of my fingers spiralling over his shaft. He moaned much louder than usual, so I think I'm onto something there.

I can't give him really extended handjobs--at least, not without resting my arm. After 3-5 minutes my arm starts to go numb and ache at the same time. I know that can be frustrating for him, but I (greedily) enjoy lying on his chest, stroking his thighs or arms or ass while he strokes himself. He's never sexier than when he's lost in his own pleasure. I don't think he realizes how much that turns me on--probably because I get so into it that all I can seem to do is mewl and writhe around. Sometimes when he jacks himself off he'll ask to cum on me. I'm always up for that, particularly when it involves my bottom or thighs.

I've definitely noticed that he kisses me much more frequently and is a lot more vocal about his attraction to me. That means I've either got sex on his mind more, or he's just finally warming up to the idea of saying it out loud. Either way, it's a great change. I'm sad to see that our official no-less week is almost up, but I think I might extend it indefinitely. Depends what Mr. S has to say about the matter.

My next step is to try to turn him on when we're out of the house at the store, in the car, wherever. I wonder if I'd have to twist his arm to get him to be naughty in a semi-public place...

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