Saturday, August 15, 2009

a little foreplay goes a long way

Tonight, I gave my husband our feather tickler and asked him to run it all over my body. The thing I love most about our tickler is that it has leather tassles on the end that give the yummiest little pops of pain during light spankings. After he'd run it all over my body, I decided that my new favorite is to have it slid across my throat. I took the tickler to him, too. His favorite was the feathers against his testicles. Ten minutes or so into our feather fun, Mr. S. lost it and dove onto my breasts, nipping and lapping at them each in turn. Before I knew it, I was lost in deep kisses and had his cock rammed hard into me.

We fucked in several different positions. (Sidenote: Mr. S. and I are not the "making love" types. It's all lovely, it's all loving, but it's also fucking.) First we tried missionary, which we're not huge fans of. I did the crossover leg trick I read about somewhere and felt like I was going to lose him. I loved when he spread my legs out wide, grabbed my hips, and rammed into me. Eventually, though, we switched over. I got on my knees and he came inside me from behind.

We played with several vibrators at once, including my super-turbo rabbit-thing and my favorite little pocket friend. He fucked me with it and teased my ass while I worked on my clit. I came twice before I melted onto the bed in a puddle of yum. It was awesome. While we were playing with my pussy, I asked him to tell me a fantasy or story. He has a hard time with this... not sure if it's that he isn't creative, or that he doesn't have fantasies, or that he doesn't feel comfortable sharing them. We talked about it a little bit after the fact and I think he's going to try and be a little dirtier next time. We'll see.

The tickler, though, is swinging into full rotation for sure.

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